WhatsApp Sniffer APK Download – Best Stealing App

 Let me introduce the WhatsApp App first . WhatsApp is the world most popular app in the world. Billions of users are using this app. This app is used for the messaging purpose.  You can chat your friends free of cost with this app. You can also send messages and videos to your dear ones.  You can set your DP and also you can post your status according to your mood. If you didn’t have the android phone you can use this app on your laptop or PC. WhatsApp Sniffer is used to stealing your chats.  I will completely explain this. 

WhatsApp Sniffer

WhatsApp app is used for chatting purpose. Your chats are not secure in WhatsApp because the WhatsApp Sniffer app can steal your chats. Your images, audios, and videos are also not secure due to this app.

WhatsApp Sniffer APK

 Are you worried about your privacy now ?? 

Don’t worry It will not steal your password. This app works if you are using a wifi connection in your home or any public place and some other persons are also using the same wifi connection. Then there is a chance that they can read your messages, images or videos through this app.

How does WhatsApp Sniffer Work?

WhatsApp APK sniffer will steal all the chat from your friends who are using the same connection. You have to put the number and state of the victim. Then this app automatically gives you all the data of the victim.

WhatsApp Sniffer is the most popular app. But this app is now removed from the google play store. You can download the app from the given link.


 I am going to discuss some of the hacking apps. 


 WEP Wifi Password Finder 

Wep Wifi password finder helps you to hack all kind of wifi password. This app clears all the passwords and you can use the Wifi connection then.

 Wifi Hacker ( BGN ) 

Wifi Hacker is the best app to hack the password of any device. Take your mobile to your friends home and start the app. He must know you are going to hack the password. It would be great fun.

 Wifi Password 

Wifi password is the app used to crack all wifi networks. It will hack every device near you and gain their passwords. Now you can easily connect with every device.

 Free Wifi passwords  

Free wifi password app is the best app to hack the password of every device which is in range. Doesn’t matter if the device is secured. This device will scan all the device and filter their passwords.

 Steps to read the private chat of someone 

  • Download WhatsApp Sniffer from google play store and install it in your Android device.
  • Open the app and run it.
  • Now you can read the chat of anyone who is using the same connection.

How to install WhatsApp APK Sniffer on PC

  • Download the blue stack in your PC.
  • Launch the app player.
  • Then press My App button.
  • Then Search the WhatsApp Sniffer App for PC
  • You will see many searches result.
  • Select one of them and install it.


The best WhatsApp spy app is that that can steal all the messages, images and videos of other persons. And WhatsApp Sniffer is the app which can perform all these functions and can give you the data of all private messages of your friend or any other member. The only one condition is that your victim also using the same Wifi connection which you are using then you can easily steal the private messages.

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