WhatsApp Group List ( Updated ) 2018

Whatsapp group is the feature of the Whatsapp that allows you to form groups on the Whatsapp with the particular type of peoples or with your friends and family. There are millions of Groups, each has its own specific objective. Like some groups are for educational purposes, some are institutional groups that connect the peoples throughout the institution or organization, while others are for the entertainment purposes.

Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is a free and instant messaging app for android and smartphones that allows you to send photos, videos, text messages, voice and video calls for free. The only requirement is the stable internet connection. Whatsapp Group is one of the most amazing features of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Group

It allows you to attract a wide range of peoples from the different fields of life. it is very similar to the Facebook Groups. Whatsapp Group allows you to stay in touch with your friends, family and the particular type of peoples. Whatsapp groups allow you to have group messages and chats.

You can share photos, videos, and files on the Whatsapp Groups. It allows multiple peoples to view your files at the same time. You can stay in touch with multiple peoples at the same time.

The Groups Link is the feature of the Whatsapp Groups that allows any particular member of the group to share the link of that group with others. You cannot join a closed group unless an admin of the group adds you by himself.

You can also have your own Whatsapp group. The groups on the Whatsapp allows you to share your memories and personal views with the other members of the society.

Join Whatsapp Groups Pakistan

There are millions of Whatsapp Group in Pakistan. Each has its own specific purpose. Like funny groups, islamic groups, educational groups, blogger groups, technology groups, games groups, cooking groups and many others. These Whatsapp groups ensure the security with various encryption techniques.

At least 70 journalists were killed in performing their duties in 2015. In view of this situation, some Pakistani Journalists have founded a group on Whatsapp and other social media to keep journalists safe by gaining the media and the public attention.

Also, the political parties in Pakistan have their own Whatsapp Groups and Sindh Party have their Groups on Whatsapp to keep the party members and the general public in touch with each other. Others best Whatsapp Groups of Pakistan 2018 are Friendship and Chat, London Theology Forum, Don, Connect, Sweet Name, College Group, Life etc.

Whatsapp Group List

Some of the best Whatsapp Groups of 2018 are

Islamic Research

Bollywood Actresses

Sanger Smile

Kerala Payment

Wharf Reward World

Love World

Gangs Of Students

The groups on the Whatsapp change their name from time to time and none of the groups have one specific name.

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