Install WhatsApp ( Updated Versions of WhatsApp )

In this article, I will tell you that, how to install WhatsApp. But First its compulsory to know about this app.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the messenger app used to send messages, videos, images, voice messages. However, it’s very similar to the text message service, But here is the difference, To use WhatsApp App you must have the internet facility. This app is free to use and send messages within seconds. It’s the fastest way of communication. Mostly peoples used the WhatsApp app on their android phones. But this app also providing the facility to use it on your laptop and PC.

WhatsApp On PC

To use WhatsApp on your PC is too simple.

  • Just open the WhatsApp Site.
  • Select the Option WhatsApp web.
  • Now Go to WhatsApp from your mobile.
  • From there select the option WhatsApp Web.
  • Then Scan the QR code with your PC.
  • Enjoy the App on your PC.

Install WhatsApp

Install WhatsApp

To install WhatsApp on your Phone is very simple.

Here are the easy steps which I am going to share with you.

  • Go to the app Play Store.
  • Search the WhatsApp App from there.
  • Install The WhatsApp.
  • Then open the app.
  • WhatsApp Will ask your mobile number. You have to put your that number on which you want to use the WhatsApp.
  • After putting that number. WhatsApp will send you the verification code.
  • Simply put that code in the App.
  • Now you can use the app on your mobile.

From here you can directly download the app.



WhatsApp Download for Samsung

First WhatsApp only allows the version 2.1 of Android. Then its start accepting the other versions. To download the WhatsApp on your Samsung device you have to follow the same steps as I have mentioned earlier. There is nothing different.

Install GB WhatsApp

Gb Whatsapp comes with the updated features. Now you can send the video up to 50 MB. You can also hide your last seen, blue and grey ticks. This version also increases the limit of status words. Now its very easy to copy the status of other people on your clipboard. Below is the button to install this version.



InstAll WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus has the advanced features. In this version, there is an option for the video calling. One of the most interesting features is the option of Anti Ban. It prevents you to get banned from the WhatsApp. The limit of sending photos at one time increase up to 10. Download this version from the given button.



WhatsApp Lite Install

WhatsApp App is already very light unlike the other apps Facebook, IMO, Viber etc. They are heavy and by considering this facebook developed a lighter version of it in which they have removed the heavy data. So like this WhatsApp also developed a lighter version name WhatsApp lite. From the given button you can download this version.



Install WhatsApp Sniffer

With WhatsApp Sniffer your chats and private messages are not secure. It can steal you all messages. But it can only work if you are using the public wifi which is not private connection. From the given button you can download this app.




WhatsApp is the best messaging app. It can send your messages in a very short time. The fastest app for the communication. Every new version is providing you the more new features. This app is the best source for sending images and videos in seconds. The world best communication platform.

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